Mentoring Program
The FD&C Division would like to know your interest in having a division member mentor or being a mentor to someone in the division. If you have a passion for mentoring or would like someone to mentor you, please post a comment. We will be crowdsourcing the information to determine next steps. This is a grassroots effort so we will see where it goes!
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Hello Timothy,

I’m interested in being mentored.

Thank you,
Norm Howe
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I'd like to volunteer to mentor someone in creating a strong quality culture.
Hi Timothy,

I'm in.

I'd like to be mentored. Thanks for the potential opportunity to learn.,
Tim: Beneficial for Students and NextGens, to be sure. And Karina Rodriguez the NextGen Chair for our ASQ FDC Division is sure to be on your same page on Mentoring. On February 24th, (5p.m. 7:30 p.m. PST) Karina along with Michelle Vargas, both Members of our FDC Division are Hosting a virtual NextGen Panel on Mentoring & Careers for the San Diego Chapter of the Engineers Council at San Diego State University, here in CA . All who have interest please e-mail: and /or
Hi Timothy,

I am interested in mentoring and being mentored as well. My expertise range from Project management, Strategy development, Lean Manufacturing and OEE improvement. Looking forward to connecting with great minds here.


Hi Timothy,

I am interested in being mentored in Project Management and QMS Auditing.

Thank you,
I am interested in being mentored in Black Six Sigma, and project management
Thank you
Jami Silar
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Hi Timothy,

I am interested in being mentored in Project Management and QMS Auditing. Thank you for this opportunity.

Great idea. I could be a mentor for food, supplements or cosmetics on topics such as general quality, quality systems, audits, SOPs, change control, investigations/root cause analysis.