Call for Biomedical Division Participation - myASQ content bloggers/posters and Biomedical roundtable topics & speakers
Hello Biomedical Division members,

As of today 10/21/19, this group on myASQ has grown to 410 so far since launch at WCQI in April in Texas.  Let's ramp the division membership and active participation, which is in the thousands.
  • Let's engage with our own participation. Amazing what a an hour or few hours commitment can provide sharing your expertise.
  • Let's energize the remain division members to join and be active as gaining participation with additional subject matter experts benefits all of us.
  • It's time to recruit other fellow colleagues who are ASQ members as well as those who are not ASQ members into participating in ongoing dialogue with regards to the basic quality needs and changes coming in 2020.

2020 brings many changes from a regulations standpoint, while new members and ongoing industry needs for core training, good practices, and quality basics remain and increase as technology changes and adapts.
Let's participate in raising the communication and competency within our quality group and industry on quality related topics.   Be active online and within your local industry:
  • Mentor those with experience (Capture good practices and benchmark good lean compliant approaches - ASQ Biomedical is piloting a program.)
  • Raise the questions for changes and challenges  (An FAQ for biomedical regulatory industry changes can be defined here on line.)
  • Increase skill proficiency by developing basic dialogue on common questions (An FAQ for biomedical quality can be defined here on line.)
  • Focus on basic education and educational opportunities for Biomedical quality needs.  (Build the resources for specific skills, and overall knowledge - add online or in person events.)
  • Promoting Certification /Competency (CBA Body of Knowledge (BOK)) - get certified as a CBA and more.)

Let's start making myASQ for biomedical as the division discussion board and resource go to location 
... it takes time to develop, but discussion as with relevant topics, business quality needs, and share challenges and successes.

Note: Our division uses EventBrite as the online scheduling resource, but information to coming events can be found here and eventually will be a future feature of myASQ. 

Let's build on the early adoption of 2019 and grow this forum into a main resource ...with my ASQ online content, local discussion groups, cooperation with sections on biomedical topics, WCQI, certifications, and other national conference forums/ educational opportunites, lets leverage ASQ Biomedical division for the needed core Quality knowledge and skills competencies to improve our organizations and the support Quality teams. 

Let's participate and engage ourselves, the site needs input and active use, topics/bloggers, and inputs to events such as the roundtables... for maximum benefit become an active member and user of our myASQ forum and events.

Thank you,

ASQ Biomedical Division leadership team