19-Sep-2019 Leadership meeting
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TWEF Leadership Team
19Sep2019 1:00 pm eastern Webex
Meeting called by Jeremiah Genest
Type of meeting Standing
Attendees Jeremiah Genest, Catherine Johannes
Agenda Topic 1
Discussion Review of TWEF VOC Survey
Conclusions Learning key goal of membership.

While my.ASQ scored low, articles and email newsletters are ways folks want information and can leverage my.ASQ.

Enough interest in podcast to justify moving forward. ASQ has agreement with editing service. Will need hosting.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Determine dates for all division webinars to find TWEF slot Catherine 08Oct2019
Develop 2 podcast scripts Jeremiah 08Oct2019
Create a “This week in TWEF” email burst, help direct to my.ASQ Jeremiah 08Oct2019
Agenda Topic 2
Discussion Content Calendar for my.ASQ
Conclusions Seeing increase in ASQ views. Will continue to operate on hypothesis that creating content will drive use of my.ASQ community and then create content.

Reach out to individuals who indicated writing to add to content calendar
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Create tool to leverage content calendar to drive more writers to my.ASQ Jeremiah 27Sep2019
Communicate with VOC respondents interested in contributing content Jeremiah 27Sep2019
Present on content calendar to Technical Community at October meeting Jeremiah 05Oct2019

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