Bad Science
Jeremiah Genest 217
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There's a lot of bad science, fringe science and all out crackpot science that is popular in management science and that is seen time-and-again at conferences, in presentations and even in the ASQ's body of knowledge. 

Which ones stand out to you?

Here are a few of mine:
  1. Myer's Briggs - from the way it was developed to the problems with repeatability, the MBI is widely considered junk science and yet we see it mentioned again and again. 
  2. Triune brain - less junk science than just outmoded, the idea that we have a lizard brain has been show to be wildly inaccurate. There are just way better models. Also, the way its used in most contexts we can just cut it out and not have a loss. It's time to see this outdated model retired from good in quality circles. The tool using crows will be less likely to plot our demise.
  3. Learning styles - The majority of studies disprove the popular idea that students learn better if the pedagogic technique matches their supposed style, the myth persists. This is a hard one to shake, pretty sure I've fallen into using this one recently.
Love for you to list yours. I think it is important to build a list of these, and strive to push for the ASQ to avoid these in publications, body of knowledge and other venues like conferences.

The snarky part of me wants to generate a bad science bingo card for WCQI.