Quality Celebration Ideas Needed
My firm is about to embark on a month-long celebration focused on quality. We started this last year and participated in different activities to emphasize quality, such as trivia games, giveaways, and quality catch challenges. National Quality Month is November, so we are planning now. 

We are looking to do some different things this year, but there are no resources on ASQ - I was told they have left that up to the masses. 

Does anyone else do this at their firm? What types of activities or events to you plan/host? Any ideas would be appreciated!

Jeanette Keylor
Marketing Manager
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Quality Days in November has become pretty entrenched in our culture in the last few years. I'm a big fan.

We do similar. We create posters, highlighting a mix of key concepts and best practices. We play games. We give away prizes. We eat.

We try to push each team to create a poster with a fun activity. for example last year the microbiology team did a game where you guessed where a plate was sampled from (phones are disgusting). While a PM poster also had an activity where you got to reassemble a simple valve where participants were scoired for accuracy in following the job aid. The popular activity was HEPardy, a Jeopardy sppn off focused on human error.

Everyone got little passports and went around doing activities and getting stamps. We had great turn out.

We are right now planning for next year's activity. So definitely I too would love to see folk's ideas.
Great ideas! I would love to know more about HEPardy! We are considering a Family Feud-type game! What can you tell me?