Our European partnership

For a number of years. the Software Division has had a mutual support arrangement with the EuroSPI conference, primarily with a speaker exchange.

They would select a "Best Presentation" award, and we would invite that individual to present at our next conference ... without any financial obligation to support attendance.

Similarly, our members have been featured as keynote speakers at their events, whether in-person or remotely... again without Division financing.

Do you have any suggestions on a suitable venue for hosting their 2021 top presenter?

Software Quality Professional also typically had an annual special issue of articles by EuroSPI authors.

With the demise of SQP, we should also consider if there is any outlet we might offer for wider distribution of their top ideas.

In September, I will be participating in the EuroSPI conference remotely, primarily as a continuation of my work heading the IEEE Software Safety Standard working group.

(I might, in passing, invite any of you to join our monthly working group calls -- we'd especially appreciate more systems engineering perspectives.)

I would like to have some ideas to share with our European colleagues before that upcoming event.

I'd be glad to discuss in more detail as needed,