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For those of you in the Aviation portion of our Aviation, Space and Defense Division, I'd like to hear from you on why you chose to be a member of the division and what ideas or thoughts you have on getting more involvement on the non-government side of the house.
Thanks in advance!
Roger Merriman
QA Manager at Textron Aviation
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Hi Roger, 

About a year ago I joined a company that makes fuel nozzles for combustion engines. We have a large commercial presence as our product is on GE engines, essentially if you fly for pleasure or business, you are using our product. I have been in multiple industries, medical device, industrial and now aviation. I am hoping to grow my knowledge with those in the field to learn as much as I can about the industry and to glean best practices.


Marie Lawton
Advanced Atomization Technologies 
Marnie Ham
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I think with ASQ now allowing people to belong to more than one community without charging more people will come forward.

I am on the Aviation side.
I also belong to Six Sigma Forum