Message From the Chair - April 2022

Message From the Chair - April 2022

Quality of work is directly related to the quality of a person’s character.”

- Orrin Woodward

Hello Quality Professionals,

What is the word I would like you to remember? ENGAGEMENT! You may be asking, how do I become engaged? By becoming a sustaining member of the Grand Rapids Section, ASQ 1001 and by attending the ASQ Presents monthly meetings and bringing a friend.

April is “Bring a Friend” month. I am asking that you reach out to other quality professionals you know and bring them along to Kathy Lyall’s presentation on “Nemewashi Quality.” Kathy is a seasoned quality professional and speaker with multiple presentations at the ASQ World Conference. You won’t want to miss meeting!! Bring a quality friend and come join the excitement at the Grand Rapids Pearl Street Holiday Inn.

As a part of our promise, this will be a hybrid meeting. The SLC has been working very hard at continually improving this experience. If you can’t come in person and join us for a great meal, join the meeting virtually via the Zoom link, sent to you through ePly registration site.

The ASQ 1001 Grand Rapids Section has a dedicated and hardworking SLC (Section Leadership Committee), that is making progress towards the business plan and the section goals, but we need more from you. We need more volunteers to help keep us healthy and active and many hands make light work. Please consider joining us to meet our section goals:

  1. Maintaining our financial health
  2. Building our section membership
  3. Increasing member meeting attendance (virtual & in-person)
  4. Our ASQ Presents! monthly meeting customer satisfaction rating.

If you have ideas or suggestions or want to improve our monthly meetings, please contact the section email, or post to our Facebook page, ASQ Grand Rapids Section 1001. Please don’t hesitate to volunteer your input because we need it to provide the highest quality product for our members as we pursue Knowledge – Networking – Opportunities for the quality professionals in West Michigan.

Thank you for supporting the Grand Rapids Section!

Chad Wittkopp,

Chair Grand Rapids Section 1001