Message From the Chair - January 2022

Message from the Chair – January 2022

“No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.”

- Buddha Happy New Year – 2022!

As the new Chair, I am so excited about getting this year started and continuing the work towards a “new normal”. As of January 1st, ASQ Headquarters is still asking we not schedule in-person events, but if the event had been scheduled, they do require a wavier be signed at the event. You only need to sign the waiver once.

The hybrid monthly ASQ Presents event is a part of that new normal. The Section Leadership Team has been working very hard at continually providing quality speakers and finding ways to make it available to those who want to participate in-person or gleam the valuable insight by joining us via Zoom. Please understand, I still highly encourage you to come in-person when possible.

Another part of that “new normal” is our continued efforts towards meeting our monthly KPI’s.

Do you know what our section goals are?

  1. Our financial health – Goal - $30,000 in the section account
  2. Our membership – Goal – 350 Grand Rapids Section members
  3. Member Meeting attendance (virtual & in-person) – Goal - 50
  4. Our ASQ Presents customer satisfaction metrics – Goal – 4.0 or above

The major focus for 2022, meeting attendance and membership growth. The key word is “ENGAGEMENT”. How can YOU help? If you are a regular attendee and annual member of the ASQ, thank you, that’s being engaged. You are leading the way for others to see the value of networking and learning together! How do we get others to see that value in ASQ?


The January 2022 event speaker had to be changed due to an unexpected health concern.

The new January 13, presentation will be Compliers, Begrudgers, and Toddlers -Oh My!

Presented by Dr. Cindy Young

Cindy will be talking about customer retention and six practices to use organizational knowledge to support your customers and retain them. When you work with customers, each customer has their own challenges and their own priorities no matter what you have been hired to do for them. Each of these customers can have a negative impact on your future work if you do not consider their attitudes and work habits as you begin to work with them. It’s not just about doing what they are paying your organization to accomplish, but also includes how you are including them in the process and considering how your work processes are affecting them on a personal level.

You will not want to miss this popular author and ASQ LEAN Six Sigma Conference speaker!!

If you have

If you have ideas or suggestions to improve our monthly meetings, please contact the section email, or post to our Facebook page, ASQ Grand Rapids Section 1001. Please don’t hesitate to volunteer your input because we need it to provide the highest quality product for our members as we pursue Knowledge – Networking – Opportunities for the quality professionals in West Michigan.

Thank you for supporting the Grand Rapids Section!

Chad Wittkopp,

Chair Grand Rapids Section 1001