Message from the Chair - April 2021
Message from the Chair – April 2021

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”
- Tony Robbins
Spring Greetings All!!
I hope you are enjoying the wonderful Spring weather we are experiencing this year. It is a very refreshing change from the Spring of 2020!! As mentioned in my last message, the ASQ Board of Directors approved a motion to extend the restrictions on Face-to-Face events until June 30, 2021. These restrictions are still in place and Zoom Meetings will be used that time.
The May event for this program year was to be the member appreciation event, to be held at the LMCU Ballpark, formerly the 5/3 Ballpark, on the Planet Fitness Deck. Although the Whitecaps organization assured us there will be baseball this year, we still need to follow the ASQ directive. Members of the Grand Rapids Section Leadership Committee (SLC) appealed directly to the ASQ Board of Directors through our Regional Director, stating it will be an outdoor event following all applicable COVID guidelines. The request was reviewed to see if exceptions had been made in other regions considering this was an outdoor event. Unfortunately, we were told we need to support and follow the directive and not hold in-person ASQ events before the end of June. Because of this restriction, the SLC is trying to secure an end of summer time slot for this event to kick off the 2021-2022 Program Year.
We appreciate your patience for this long-awaited Member Appreciation Event!
As we continue to meet via Zoom, the next monthly meeting will be held Thursday, April 8th, and feature Dave Osborn presenting Problem Solving Tools Using Mini-Tab. Please join us as Dave teaches us how to unlock a more robust analytics tool kit to expand our decision-making capability and achieve better results and avoid costly mistakes.
Register today because you won’t want to miss this event!!

If you would like to learn about specific topics or tools at the section meetings, please share your ideas on the survey or contact any member of the SLC to find out how you can help provide Knowledge – Networking – Opportunities to quality professionals in West Michigan. We need your input and engagement to provide beneficial meetings, classes, and events to give you member value as we pursue Excellence Through Quality!

Ken Phillips, Chair Grand Rapids Section 1001