Message from the Chair - March 2021
Message from the Chair – March 2021

The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.”
- A.R. Bernard
Hello Members & Friends of the Grand Rapids Section,
May this this note find you in good health and spirits. The percent of our vaccinated population continues to increase, and so does our hope for a return to normalcy with restrictions being lifted across our nation. Unfortunately, since my last message the ASQ Board of Directors approved a motion to extend the restrictions on Face-to-Face events until June 30, 2021.
Face-to-Face ASQ events are still suspended until June 30, 2021.
This means the March and April monthly ASQ Presents! meetings will be Zoom Meetings and there isn’t a date for the Whitecaps Member Appreciation event.
The May event for this program year was to be the member appreciation event, to be held at the LMCU Ballpark, formerly the 5/3 Ballpark, on the Planet Fitness Deck. The Whitecaps organization has assured us there will be baseball this year, although we are uncertain how that will impact our event, especially considering the recent ASQ Board of Directors directive. Updates will be provided as soon as they are available.
As we continue to meet via Zoom, the next monthly meeting will be held Thursday, April 8th, and feature Dave Osborn presenting Problem Solving Tools Using Mini-Tab. Please join us as Dave teaches us to unlock a more robust analytics tool kit to expand our decision-making capability to achieve better results and avoid costly mistakes.
The well-received Networking Café has become a regular feature of our meetings, although due to time constraints, it will be shortened this month. The additional time is needed for our interactive meeting. Our presenter, Kurt Stuke, has prepared an exercise that requires additional time and the use of Zoom breakout rooms. Please check your email for meeting materials that will be sent to you. This should be an interesting and engaging experience!!
If you have improvement ideas for our section meetings, please share them on the survey or contact any member of the SLC to find out how you can help to provide Knowledge – Networking – Opportunities to quality professionals in West Michigan. Remember, we need your input and engagement to provide beneficial meetings, classes, and events to give you member value as we pursue Excellence Through Quality!
Ken Phillips, Chair Grand Rapids Section 1001