Message From the Chair - October 2020
Message from the Chair – October 2020

“The secret of CHANGE is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
                                                                                  - Socrates                                                                                  
Greetings Grand Rapids Members & Friends,
Once again, as in every Chair’s Message since April, I begin by talking about the effect of COVID-19 on the section and its members.  At the September monthly meeting held at The Bluff, Rick Evans began the evening with an interactive tutorial entitled “Wuzzles – Stretching Exercises for the Mind,” which made everyone think in a different manner.  Then the group of steadfast members and guests were treated to a very personal presentation by Mark Rusco.  Mark discussed the “Linearity of Measurement Instruments” and as usual was able to distill the topic into easily understood material that resonated with the attendees.  This was the first face to face meeting since March of this year.  New protocols were in place and I felt adequately protected while enjoying a delicious, family-style dinner at The Bluff. 
However, during the meeting I received communications from our ASQ Regional Director, indicating there should NOT be any type of face to face ASQ meetings for the remainder of 2020.  ASQ Global believes this is what is best for the safety and well-being of its members.  ASQ will re-evaluate the situation by January 31, 2021; at which point the Society will review the status of global events to determine if it is safe to begin meeting in person again.
For the Grand Rapids Section this means a return to virtual meetings.  We plan to follow the 2020–2021 program year schedule as found on the flyer you received in the mail.  The October speaker will be Mark Morris, an ASQ Fellow member of our section, presenting “Dreams of Geometry.”  This will be a Zoom Meeting and not only is it FREE, will you also receive RU Credits!!  Details for the meeting will be posted on the Grand Rapids Section myASQ home page and will be published in the newsletter.  Please join us as we continue to offer Knowledge – Networking – Opportunities during these unusual times.
Another change for this meeting is the nomination of elected officers for the Grand Rapids Section and the first virtual vote for officers.  The new ASQ Global Business Plan and Budget process requires the officer list to be submitted by 11/01/2020.  This requires the election to take place at the October meeting to satisfy ASQ requirements.

The Nominating Chair of the Grand Rapids Section is conducting a Call for Nominations in accordance with the Geographic Community Council (GCC) for the election of officers for a one-year term beginning January 1, 2021 and ending December 31, 2021.  The nominations by committee presented to the Section Leadership Committee (SLC) are:
Ken Phillips – Chair
Chad Wittkopp – Treasurer
Tom Waite – Secretary
This is a call for additional nominations for the election, to be held at the October 8th monthly ASQ Presents! meeting.  Nominees must have a petition signed by 10 members and submitted by October 7th.  All nominees and signers of the petition need to be ASQ members in good standing.  The names of interested nominees, along with the petition, may be sent to the section email address:   

The Grand Rapids SLC is working diligently to provide the section beneficial meetings and maintain communication to give you member value during this challenging time.  Please join us next Thursday, October 8th as we pursue Excellence Through Quality with the Mark Morris presentation, “Dreams of Geometry.”  I also encourage anyone interested in getting involved with the leadership committee to make your interest known.  The SLC would like to thank you for being active members of our great section and I look forward to seeing you virtually at the monthly meeting.

Stay healthy and be safe,
Ken Phillips
Chair Grand Rapids Section 1001