Message from the Chair – March 2020
Message from the Chair – March 2020
If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.”
                                                                                                               ​– Albert Einstein
Hello Grand Rapids Section Members!!
The next ASQ Presents! event is March 12, when Alex Richert will be presenting “Methodical Problem Solving” to the Grand Rapids Section.  Alex graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He began his career as a reliability engineer in the paper industry.  There he became proficient with the concepts of equipment and process reliability applying concepts such as vibration condition monitoring, oil sampling and analysis, ultrasonic leak detection, asset criticality, thermography, and project engineering.  Alex then focused on Lean and Continuous Improvement methodologies and applied them when he joined the SFM Group.  Please join us as you will definitely take away valuable tools which you can apply in your quality environment.
Please register early, the discounted price of $27.00 is only available until 03/06/2020.  If you pay at the door or register after 03/06/2020; the price is $30.00.
I would like to talk about problem definition and Continuous Improvement as it applies to our own section.  There were a number of comments in the February meeting survey regarding the shortage of protein at the February event, the supply of chicken was insufficient to feed everyone who wanted it.  This is not a new problem; it has just reached the tipping point and was visible to the attendees.  For the February meeting, 23 attendees were registered in Eventbrite on Monday, The Bluff provided 52 meals on Thursday.  This is not a singular occurrence, for years the Arrangements Chair and The Bluff have been forced to guesstimate the number of meals needed on Thursday, they are continually trying to hit a moving target.  I realize that we all forget and occasionally reserve at the last minute, but as a section I feel we can do much better.  This is an excellent table topic opportunity, look for it at the next meeting; because it is all about you, improving your member experience and achieving Excellence Through Quality.
Now for the fun news.  Please reserve May 22nd for a night at Fifth Third Ballpark.
It’s the Grand Rapids Section 1001 Member Appreciation Event!!
The Grand Rapids Section Leadership Committee wants to thank you for being the awesome members that you are and would love to see you on the Planet Fitness Patio Deck to see a Whitecaps game, fireworks and more!  Details are coming soon and the event will be posted on Eventbrite.  I look forward to seeing you all at the ballgame!!
Ken Phillips, Chair ASQ Grand Rapids Section 1001
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Juan Loera
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Thank you Ken for presenting the details regarding the challenges faced in bringing the best possible events to GR Section 1001.  I see a good problem statement for a future networking problem solving teams challenge....hmmm, our topic this month is methodical problem solving!  Coincidence?..let's put what we learn into practice!