Message from the Chair – January 2020
Message from the Chair – January 2020
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
Walt Disney
Happy New Year!!

A new year with new hopes, renewed resolutions and new goals and objectives.  A new year also means different members filling new roles and new volunteers that have stepped up to help the Section Leadership Committee (SLC).  Any organizational transition is difficult; but Juan Loera, our Immediate Past Chair, has done an excellent job to ensure a smooth transition that sets up our section for future success.

In addition to navigating through the transition, Juan worked tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to improve our section and strive for Excellence Through Quality.
  • As secretary, Juan implemented a Motion Log that was attached to the meeting minutes, readily capturing important SLC decisions.
  • Leading by example, he assured all SLC reports were issued in a timely manner.
  • Juan moved the section finances from Quick books to a Treasurer’s report and process that was easier to understand and improved the documentation of section finances.
  • Sponsored nationally known speaker, Shane Yount, for a presentation and full day workshop.
  • Engaged Disher to assist in marketing the Shane Yount event.  The section learned a number of new marketing tools that will be used in future promotions.
  • Championed social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and the myASQ website.
  • Guided the section through the ASQ Transformation.
  • Led the section to a 2018 Performance Awards and Recognition, PAR Bronze.
  • He brought inter-active tutorials using networking exercises and quality tools to the monthly section meetings.
  • Juan promoted an SLC environment that encouraged experimentation to engage our members.
This certainly isn’t a complete list of Juan’s accomplishments, but I felt it was important to highlight some of the ways Juan impacted the section.  For me, Juan taught me Life Happens.  The batteries go dead in the clicker, there is a last-minute cancellation, or the speaker will be late; through it all Juan was unflappable in the most chaotic situations.  He taught me to roll with it; it isn’t the end of the world, we will get through this, learn from it and improve the process.  Hopefully, that won’t happen too many times while I am serving you!!

Reminders for those that have participated in recent events and a heads up to those joining us anew…you must sign up for ASQ Grand Rapids Section 1001 events via Eventbrite; which can be done directly by visiting their website at and searching for ASQ in Grand Rapids.  I also encourage you to stay tuned in with ASQ GR Section 1001 via our myASQ website (you will need to log in to see events calendar); as well as, through our Facebook & LinkedIn connections.

I am proud to tell you we collected $350.00 from the November ASQ Presents and SLC meetings to move the Marine Corps League monument located at the facility on Monroe Street.  With matching funds from the Grand Rapids Section, a total of $700.00 was sent to Wayne Luznicky, Commandant of the MCL Fred Cochran Detachment 151.  The monument is now in its new location.
Fantastic Work!!  Thank you everyone!
You will not want to miss out on our ASQ Presents meeting in January.  Greg Gay, the 2019 winner of the prestigious Hromi Award, will be sharing his knowledge on the use of precision measurement tools and reviewing the proper procedures to achieve precise measurements.

The Section Leadership Committee and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, January 9th for the opportunity to enhance your career and membership experience through Knowledge – Networking – Opportunities!

Best wishes for a successful New Year!!
Ken Phillips, Chair
ASQ - Grand Rapids Section 1001