Message from the Chair - October 2019
Juan Loera
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Message from the Chair – October 2019
“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.”
Rick Pitino
Bring on the colors and essence of autumn!!!  We have taken a turn into the next season fellow ASQ members!  Time is flying and we are forever in a chase of making the best of our time (not only with regards to everyday life but moments with those that matter).  I trust that you are ok with the next season as it brings us one step closer to the inevitable…no worries, I will not mention the ‘S’ or ‘W’ words...just know it’s coming!   

I will mention again and try to ensure all are staying in the know…we are utilizing a new process for registering to the ASQ Presents events.  You must sign up via Eventbrite; which can be done directly by visiting their website at and searching for ASQ in Grand Rapids. 

We kicked off our new program year in September with an invigorating presentation by Mark Rusco; which, true to form enlightened those who attended with a discussion on ‘Statistical Sampling’.  We absolutely appreciate the wisdom and knowledge that was shared…thank you Mark! 

Looking ahead to this October event; we have in plan a presentation that will speak to us about Calibrating Humans: How to do attribute agreement analysis (AAA).  This session enables participants to learn how to develop, create, execute and interpret an attribute agreement analysis so that an accurate, effective, and repeatable disposition can be made.  Expect this to be a valuable and relevant exposure to tools that can be taken back to your current and future pursuits. 

Note that during the October event, we will be introducing the panel of participants for nomination leading to next election of officers for our section.  The vote will be held during an upcoming member meeting.  Also, we will be announcing our November give-back to the community opportunity and look forward to all that are willing and able to participate.  You do not want to miss the October event as you will be updated on special offers for members to take advantage of for enhancing the experience of participating with our amazing section.  The section leadership committee and I look forward to seeing you in the very near future and invite you to speak with us if you are interested in becoming more involved with our section and our leadership team. 

Join us at the October 10th event to make sure that you do not miss out on the chance to enhance your career by venue of Knowledge – Networking – Opportunities! 

Juan D. Loera, Sr. – Chair
ASQ - Grand Rapids Section 1001
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Thank you for the informative message Mr. Loera! I am forever grateful for both ASQ and you and your leadership as well as our long time friendship. I am going to try to make it to this program as it looks perfect for the transition of my current company as we completely change the business model and culture. I hope to see you then!