Message from the Chair - September 2019
Juan Loera
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Message from the Chair – September 2019
“Quality is generally transparent when present, but easily recognized in its absence.
  • Alan Gillies
Well fellow ASQ members; we are on the tail end of a very busy summer; which I trust was a safe and enjoyable one for you.  Your section leadership committee is very excited to get the new program year kicked off and we are only a few days away from our first member meeting!  This season promises to be one of the greatest line ups of presenters and activities to date – you should have received a postcard with our entire line-up!  Know that much work has gone into making our member meetings fun, exciting and relevant as we expect that your decision to join us comes by venue of your desire to enhance your knowledge, take advantage of networking and ultimately creating opportunity!

As a reminder; we are utilizing a new process for registering to the ASQ Presents events.  You must sign up via Eventbrite; which can be done directly by visiting their website at and searching for ASQ in Grand Rapids. 

As a reminder we have transitioned to a new website -
  • To access our events via the site, you must be logged into your myASQ account…if you have not already done so; we need you to register to the myASQ function so that you can maximize your experience.
  • Please make sure that all your contact information is updated on ASQ site for all future communications to be effectively delivered – specifically email address.  
  • Note that the previous website address utilized for our section will be taken down and no longer available. 

We are kicking off our new year with inviting Mark Rucso back to Grand Rapids for a powerful delivery of knowledge on ‘Statistical Sampling’ - how to select a sample plan. The meaning of AQL, AOQL, and some of the other acronyms. Includes some of the things that seem to be intuitive about sampling, but are exactly the opposite of how they seem. Hear what it means to use sampling in an environment that is really looking for zero defects.  The section leadership committee and I look forward to seeing you at this excellent event to kick off the new program year!
If you are interested in getting involved with the Section Leadership committee; please make sure to reach out – speak directly to any member of the Section Leadership Committee for more details.  Join us at the September 12th event to make sure that you do not miss out! 

Juan D. Loera, Sr. – Chair
ASQ - Grand Rapids Section 1001