Message from the Chair – April 2019
“The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes
Spring is in the air!  The thaw has begun, and we anticipate the sounds of spring to begin to change our natural surroundings.  The changes we are embarking as a section also comes with a new look…website and enhanced social media presence!
Check out the new website - 
  • Please make sure that all your contact information is updated on ASQ site for all future communications to be effectively delivered – specifically email address.  
    We are also revamping our social media presence…be on the look-out for information on new Facebook & LinkedIn connections with Grand Rapids Section 1001
    Our March event was a very intriguing discussion around “Behavioral Safety Leadership”; Dr. John Austin provided some very useful tips on how to lead behavioral enhancements with focus on use for safety and quality.  Thank you Dr. Austin! 
  • We were honored to see many new faces in attendance during this event and want to thank all who were in able to join us.   
    April’s event promises to be another great opportunity to pick up some applicable knowledge, specifically with regards to engaging Lean in operational leadership.  Kerry Fox, Director of Continuous Improvement for GRFT will be sharing his expertise and insight.  Do not miss out! 
  1. Note we will be seeking input during this event for day(s) of the week that would be preferred for scheduling local tours: focus on benchmarking and best practices.  This will be outside of our normally scheduled ASQ Presents member meetings hosted on the 2nd Thursday of the month (Sep. – Dec. & Jan. – May). 
    Also, a reminder that in May Grand Rapids Section 1001 is bringing thought leader and nationally recognized author, speaker and president of Competitive Solutions, Inc. Shane Yount to town.  Shane has graced the stages of all major ASQ conferences over the last decade and now we are honored to host him in Grand Rapids for two powerful days of process-based leadership through his “Business Bootcamp”.  Mark your calendars now and plan on attending very valuable learning opportunities:
  • Thursday (5/9) ASQ Presents: Process Based Leadership - Business Bootcamp overview
  • Friday (5/10) Workshop: Business Bootcamp we will learn how to create process-based business strategies and why they are effective and sustainable. 
    If you are interested in getting involved with the Section Leadership committee; please make sure to reach out – speak directly to any member of the Section Leadership Committee for more details.  We look forward to seeing you all at the April 11th ASQ Presents event…register early for your entry into a drawing for thank you prize! 
  1. Note: all attendees to the April event will get a chance to win admittance to our May workshop for ‘FREE’!    
Juan D. Loera, Sr. – Chair
ASQ - Grand Rapids Section 1001