Discussions from June 13 Dinner Meeting
I invite all Section 1509, Orlando members who attended the June 13 Dinner Meeting to post a comment related to the Meeting content, whether the Pre-Meeting Clinic or the Main Presentation.

Thank you!

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Good information provided on myASQ site and will start to complete my profile. Very interesting presentation on the Data Science used to determine the Dynamic pricing for Universal Studios. An inside look at how businesses can use the available data to set prices and project attendance trends.
What a great meeting last Thursday!  Thank you to Michael Kirchner‍ and Diala Gammoh for sharing valuable insights with us.  I really appreciated learning some tips and tricks from Mike on myASQ and how we can expect to operate within the Orlando Community.  Diala's presentation on use of data science at Universal was super cool content.  I enjoyed learning about the regression techniques used as well as some of the influential factors that maximize profit.  The concept of perceived value and ethics was also an interesting part of the conversation.  The data and analysis is one contributor to the overall decision.  Looking forward to another great meeting in September!
It was a very enjoyable and interesting first meeting for me. Everybody was very welcoming and I am looking forward to attending many more of the Section meetings. Thank you Jessica!
Great meeting with two fantastic presentations from our leadership committee. Some pictures from the June 13th meeting below. Thanks everyone for coming out and we will see everyone in September for our next meeting!


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