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Dear ASQ EED members,

 My name is Fred Khalichi, and I along with Narahari Rao are the co-chairs of the ASQ EED Energy Management Committee (EMC).  The EMC is a relatively new committee that has been formed within the EED with the purpose of promoting and advocating energy management within EED and ASQ as a whole.  Narahari and I are in the process of determining what type of activities, such as webinars and training sessions, we need to organize in order to engage interested members.  However, we would also love to hear from you, the members!  What are your thoughts?  What would you like to see from the EMC?  Any suggestions? 

 Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions on ASQ EED's MyASQ Group.  We would appreciate it if you can kindly submit your suggestions by January 31, 2021 as the latest, so we can review them and get started on organizing some events and activities in 2021.  

 Kind regards,

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Hi Fred and Narahari, 

Nice to meet you, my name is Carmen Aldea, Canadian living currently in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I am a Mechanical Engineer by academics, worked in different industries, the last job for almost 10yrs was in the nuclear industry.
I would like to see updates from this industry in terms of Standards, Regulations, countries that are building reactors.

Fred - I await suggestions for EED support to the membership.  I anticipate Webinar Topics which will engage all of us such as ratepayer involvement in power sources or valuable utility options considered infrequently.
Paul Hader
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I would suggest that some discussion about the initiatives to use increase use of nuclear reactors including small modular reactors as a means to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions and enable a hydrogen based economy to facilitate the deep decarbonization needed to minimize climate change, would be useful and interesting.

Thanks,  Paul Hader
Dear Fred,

I have been giving talks at local ASQ sections about the dangers of climate change and the the future roles of quality professionals in adaptation, mitigation, and reporting.  I also explain how to become certified by the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO).

I'm willing to do more in this regard.

David Saunders, CC-P
Climate Change Professional (CC-P), Certified by the Association of Climate Change Officers and the State of Maryland


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