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I work for a wind turbine blade manufacturer and I am interested to learn about Quality benchmarks in the Energy industry. Particularly, the level of typical defects during manufacturing, reported as # of NCRs or COPQ. I would like to know if your organizations track this type of information and what is publicly available to benchmark. I prefer normalized data (e.g., # NCR/product, DPMO, % COPQ/of sales) to be able to compare more easily between different types of products. 

I hope to have a discussion here but if you would rather chat 1-1 then let me know.

Thanks, looking forward to the discussions.

Edit: I am also the Education Chair for the Phoenix section
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Hello Chris,
Good Day.
I am a Lead Auditor with a global certification body.
In fact before that since 1992, I have been a qualified Internal Auditor.

I had the opportunity of bench mark different plants as a GM Quality Engineering for the auto major General Motors/ Delphi Auto component plants in India, China, South Korea, Japan, Spain and the US for internal audit best practices
Internal audits rely on KPI’s (Key performance indicators) trending over periods of time.

The parameters monitored included and not limited to DPMO, customer PPM, On Time Delivery, COQ, Corrective Action process effectiveness, continual improvement, team member competence, communication effectiveness including control plans, Contingency plans.
Internal auditing is a great improvement tool in the company’s strategic portfolio.
The ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for auditing management systems is an excellent reference for internal auditing.

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Girish Trehan 
QMS Lead Auditor-independent contractor
Partial-Load Professor, Sheridan College 
ASQ Education Chair Section 0402

Afaq Ahmed
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In the past I have used Mckinsey (, APQC ( and Solomon Associates ( to obtain comparative benchmarking data.