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Hi Everyone,

I work for a company that manufactures A/V equipment and I'm looking for QMS software that can help out the Incoming Quality Control department, specifically with inspections and material management. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation or advice, good or bad. I have evaluated around 30 software packages, but I don't come from a traditional quality background and could use any advice that someone wants to share!


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Jon Lewis
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SAP has a robust quality module for material inspection plans. https://www.sap.com/
You might also consider northwest analytical. Quality Information System™ | Northwest Analytics (nwasoft.com)
Siemens also offers a QMS..


I am also looking software to implement the standards:

ISO 3951 / ANSI-ASQ Z1.9 / MIL-STD-414 - Sampling procedures for inspection by variables
ISO 2859 / ANSI-ASQ Z1.4 / MIL-STD-105E - Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes

The key requirement:

  1. Must be “Production Floor” ready.
  2. Manages and records the inspection results at an item number, work order & step level
  3. Delivers real time information to the inspector such as sample size, controls switiching rules, pass/fail/retest information all at a work order level.
  4. Software can be setup to read measurement data from SQL DB and TXT files

Any ideas or recommendations ?