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Hello everyone,

Looking for different ideas and training material for developing a QA Inspector team. The primarily focus would maritime industry (Shipboard). We currently have a QMS in place. There is different inspections sheet now but I do not like them at all. Thank you in advance for all your comments.


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Hi Steve -

Is this Steve Tucker from San Diego area?  If so, good to see you/talk to you.  Michael Howard formally from Outsource Manufacturing where we both worked.

Your question was pretty general, but I've been using "QC-Gage" from Prolink Software.  It is an interactive inspection plan software that allows you to pop-up videos and documents as way of training on what exactly to inspect and how.  It also records results with the output being SPC data in the form of control charts.

Good luck to you, my friend.

Hi Steve,
ASQ offers courses that might be helpful.  There is a "Fundamentals of Quality Inspection" and both CQI & CQT certification exam prep classes.  Both the CQI and CQT courses cover A LOT of material so these classes provide a broad brush of what an inspector and quality technician should know. Good luck.