Semiconductor Discussion around Rework and related activities
I work for a Semiconductor company and we have a decent business process and risk assessment around rework. ISO 9001 definition of rework, is very generic and point to any possible action on product to bring it within Specifications as Rework. Our definition of Rework stresses the controllability or the process and traceability of the product. Although, there are a few practices in a semiconductor Fab that might not meet both of these requirements. They have been in place forever, way before IATF 16949 instituted stricter requirements around Rework. SMEs claim these to be very low risk and we do not see any correlation between such practices and product failures, either time-0 or field failures. My question for this audience is, do you have practices like in your manufacturing line and, if so, how could they be called (other than Rework) to make sure customer/auditors can see them as alternative to Rework? My team is focused on "Low Risk Product recovery".