What helps in difficult times – while staff is being laid off!!
Recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc and chain of economic downturn is hitting the world. Several hundreds of thousands employees are being laid off following the industry shutdowns and filing of bankruptcy by the organizations. This situation is pushing the unemployed people on how to get new jobs since the petty aid they are receiving is not sufficient to maintain the living standards.
This should be remembered that every organization trains and grooms their staff in their own way in accordance with the specific job and task requirements. Obviously, Human Resource departments conduct job analysis and furnish job specifications and job descriptions this way. Now the question arises that how this job experience could be utilized for performing a new job at another workplace which could be a different industry, location, technology, culture and environment.
The ultimate answer to this complex situation is luckily simple. And that is to plan self-development by learning the transportable skills. Sometimes, referred to as Life or soft skills, transportable skills support the working professionals in smoothening and uplifting their careers.
Possessing and demonstrating transportable skills prepare the professionals for the upcoming challenges in the career progression as management track aid as well as in switching to a different organization. These skills to a very large extent support the working professionals to organize themselves, manage their peer and staff, creating self-discipline and even combating difficulties in their personal and community life.
Studies show that professionals possessing transportable skills are preferably retained since they are the ones who can handle pressure and stress with better emotional intelligence and can cascade technical and functional knowledge much better and effectively.
No wonder, realizing the need, several corporate organizations initiate mentorship programs for learning transportable skills instead of leaving them to regular training functions for technical and functional knowledge and skill development. This conspicuously requires personal interaction, coaching and mentoring while learning and practicing these skills. Good to share that there are now organizations offering mentorship programs to guide on how to plan, save and excel professional careers as well as manage career transitions and switching using transportable skills.
Zubair Anwar
Service Body of Knowledge Chair
American Society for Quality