Happy New Year 2020 and my New Year Resolution
While I’m wishing you a very Happy New Year 2020 full of rejoice, happiness, and success for your professional and personal life, I’d like to share that this departing moment also creates few thoughts on how we have spent the year 2019 leaving us now in few hours or so.
For me, when I look back, I see that 2019 was full of fun, activities and events. But I’m not over confident to make out whether I was really able to harness and monetize the whole spectrum of all these venues.
What comes to mind on how to make the New Year better than the last one is to collaborate and be highly approachable and more dependable to our professional and personal communities! Therefore, I’m keeping this single point paramount to the whole plan of the new year. Be it is professional endeavors, volunteering for social and professional cause or personal community, I’m going to enhance my skills, competence and exposure to reciprocate the vision, life time learnings and professional expertise to make it happen. That’s my New Year Resolution.
Happy New Year 2020 and the new decade in the 21st century to all friends and loved ones…….

Zubair Anwar
Chair Service Quality Body of Knowledge – American Society for Quality