Can you connect with another member as a Subject Matter Expert on Supplier Quality Management?
ASQ supports corporate and enterprise members through training, certifications, QBOK, and networking and typcially information can be pulled as-needed on our digital platforms. In addition, we know that members find value in learning, sharing, and connecting with other members like you.  We have a corporate member that is seeking the help of members from the Customer-Supplier Division and looking to have a conversation with a SME to benchmark. Specifically, I am looking for SME's to make a direct connection to address the following:
An ASQ member is working on the 1, 3, 5 year and beyond strategy for the Supplier Quality Management group. We are looking to benchmark supply chain quality oversight strategies for lessons learned and innovative ways other companies are managing quality in their supply chains.

Requested benchmarking data on:
Supplier Quality Management process and strategy / Supplier Approval and Control Process  
Sub-Tier Control strategy and methodology
Advanced Quality Process

Any help would be appreciated!

If you are willing to have a converation with this ASQ member, can you please private message me or respond to this thread? Thanks in advance for considering to help!
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Hi Catherine. I would be glad to help.
Hi Catherine, I will be glad to help if it is still needed.