Warranty Mgmt.
Greg Ade
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Who has a supplier quality parts/service warranty management process they would like to "brag" up?

1. A process that effectively identifies, time stamps warranty active period
2. A process that effectively applies warranty where/when applicable
3. A process that tracks supplier performance using warranty history/performance
4. A process that uses warranty performance history as an input in making future supplier decisions

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Dear Mr. Ade:

The short answer is I cannot brag about a great system.  The problem is Warranty claims are symptoms.  Until you do a root cause analysis, warranty returns cannot be categorized.  Claims can be coded for type of return.  Unless it is a repeatable issue, the customer does not always use the same code for the same type of return.

Product registrations serve to identify warranty periods.  If your product has software, it could identify how long the product was being used.

Dave K.