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Hello Carl,
Just curious, is there a way to create a new post on this page?  I do see how to comment on a post started by someone else (that's what I'm doing right now :-)     But not a way to create a new one.  

Also, is it possible to have a feature added for "Likes" to the posts in this discussion forum?  This will more thoroughly show activity and encourage the person who posted even when there are few or no comments.  
                   Update:  Oh never mind, I just found how to "Like" (the thumb icon).
Hi Carl and Joseph,

I've been working closely with Carl and I'd be happy to help answer your questions. To start your own discussion, you can click on the "Discussions" tab under the CSD logo (next to the "Home" button) and click the red button "New Topic".

And if you want to "Like" a discussion post, you click on the little blue "thumbs up" icon in the upper right part of the discussion text. 

Hope all this helps! Thanks,

Hi Carl:

I believe having more content rich pages around the area of Supplier Quality Management may be a good direction.  Using the ASQ CSQP categories may be a good start, and develop content around these areas.  To me, having a relevant resource to go to would be of value.

It's a thought...


I am looking for Sections/active communities in the Chicagoland area. I am the Inspection Division Section Liaison Chair. My goal is to expand my network and also attend meetings where I can share the benefits of becoming a member of the Inspection Division. Thank you!