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Hello, I am currently working with a team to develop a customized jig that incorporates a depth gage to perform measurements on a part fabrication. I plan to do all of the standard gage testing (type 1, R&R, etc.), but I am confusing myself in something relatively fundamental. I am having a difficult time with determining if the gage should be “poka-yoke” or if the design can allow for user error (if adequate training is not provided). Any thoughts?

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Ajoy Basu
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@Dennis Lashley
Recommend you make every effort to ‘poka yoke’ your gage to minimize user (repeatability and reproducibility) error.

Hi Dennis,
From a strictly quality perspective, this is a no-brainer! Poka-yoke!
In the real world however, there are two questions (assuming safety is not an issue):
- What is the risk?
- What is the cost?
Don't just limit your analysis to that operation. Consider the consequences of an escape, all the way to the final user.

This is a good topic to follow for AS9145 APQP and MSA.