ASQ/ANSI G1 vs ISO 1991:2015

Hi there. For a government element, curious what the pros/cons are of ASQ/ANSI G1 vs ISO 1991:2015 certification. Since ISO 1991:2015 certification has an associated cost, it is my understanding that ASQ/ANSI G1 is self-certified….so there is not an associated cost per se. Therefore, it seems like for organizations with funding issues, ASQ/ANSI G1 might be the better way to go. Would like to pitch one or the other to my workplace…but before I do, would like to understand the above. Thanks for any advice or insight!

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@Michael Margolis. I don't peruse this site too often but noticed this posting by you with a question about the new ANSI/ASQ G1:2021 Standard v. what I think you mean as the ISO 9001 Standard, which is the ISO Standard dealing with quality organizations. Just to clarify, the ANSI/ASQ G1 Standard is not a self-assessment. Your agency or unit has to prepare and submit an assessment package to ASQ to be scored by third party ASQ Designated Examiners. The agency I represent, the ATF National Response Team Program, currently has an assessment package submitted to ASQ, and we are awaiting our scoring assessment. Currently, with the exception of purchasing the standard for $30, there is no cost for us to have this done. It does, however, take a significant amount of time to prepare and submit the assessment package.

This same program is also accredited to ISO Standard 17020 by ANAB, and yes, there is a substantial cost to going through and maintaining this process. We chose to have this program ISO accredited because of its significant impact on public safety both nationally, and on occasion, internationally.