Introduce Yourself!
Say hello and introduce yourself to the members of 1104!!!
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As the outgoing Internet Liaison / Webmaster of 1104, my congratulations to Adrienne for getting our new web set up.

We will be transitioning to My ASQ during calendar year 2019 from our old stand alone web. Registration for 1104 events (EventBrite) will be available from either page.
Hello from Atlanta to my home Section!

Congrats on establishing your myASQ Community site! As one of your former Sections Chairs, 2010 - 2014, I know how critical it is to have an integrated communications platform that can be used to not only send newsletters to our section members, but also post upcoming regional and national events as well as our own. Here you will find nearly seamless access to the rest of the ASQ through the drop downs above and fellow ASQ members across the globe.
You also have access to your ASQ Account via the down arrow at the top right of the page to view your personal settings like your email and certification registration OPT IN/OUT. You can also update your physical and email addresses through this link.
If you click on the bell at the top, you can access your notifications that other ASQ Members have left you.
Now the real power of myASQ is found when you click on Communities at the upper left! Here you find the other ASQ Section Community sites, and on the right, find the list of Community Categories your membership provides. Scroll down to find the entire list!
Click on myHome to view the latest news from ASQ.
And for news on Upcoming Events and Helpful Hints, click on the large myASQ on the upper left.
Take a stroll and enjoy your new access to your link to your ASQ Community! And do share your suggestions for improvement as PDCA lives here.
Missing Richmond now that I live in Atlanta!
At your service,
Luis G. Morales, Director
ASQ South Atlantic Region (#5)
Geographic Communities Council (GCC) Vice Chair
Member of the ASQ Board of Directors
Hello Luis!   It’s good to hear from you and thanks for pointing out some of the features and benefits of myASQ!!!
Jose Perez
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I am the 2019 Education Chair. Ideas for how to contribute to member and non-member knowledge and commitment to quality are welcome! Also, join us at the 2nd-Tuesday-of-the-month Section meeting and meet a fine group of quality people.
Henderson Thomas a member of Richmond Section 1104.