Generic Quality Manual for Service

The company I work for is not ISO 9000 certified and therefore does not have a formal quality manual. However, we have a customer who is asking for a “quality manual” to review. Does anyone have a generic manual that I could use to build/write one for use within our Service group and share with customers who request it?

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Hello Michael. The company I work for is similar. Not ISO certified, but we have had to create a manual to satisfy some customers, particularly our Canadian customer. Unfortunately I cannot share our manual. I am no expert, but can give you an idea of what we have done. Generally speaking our manual contains the following:
  • Legal name and location of company, and on company letterhead
  • Name and title of controlled copies of the manual
  • Revision tracking within the manual
  • Table of contents
  • Glossary of terms/list of abbreviations if applicable
  • Statement of who is responsible for maintaining the quality manual and quality program
  • How often the manual is updated (quarterly, annually, etc.)
  • Signed and dated by the responsible party, and the officer (such as the CEO) of the company
  • Accountability chart of the company, who does what and who reports to who
  • A description of what your company does and how the quality program is implemented
  • How you handle drawings, design calculation, specifications, etc. if applicable
  • How you control material flow from purchase to shipment of goods
  • How you handle assembly/fabrication (if applicable) and inspections
  • How you handle non-conformity's (NC) and corrective actions (CA)
  • How you handle and track calibration of measurement and test equipment
  • Exhibits of processes or screen shots applicable to any of the above
This would be a good start, but certain customers will undoubtedly want to see more information that you have not thought of, or more details. No worries, you are probably already doing what they are looking for, just not documenting it. A great time to improve you process.

Good luck!
Mike Faber. QAM.