Preferred metrics of service quality
David Davis
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I'm working on developing service quality metrics to span several different support functions (IT, HR, finance, etc) that serve internal customers. At present, I'm specifically focusing on metrics that can coherently span all of the support functions, metrics like 1) on-time delivery, and 2) first-time-right delivery. I'm curious as to what other metrics others are using along these lines.

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I am not sure that proposed measurement will answer on internal needs for quality service improvement.

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SERVQUAL. This is the most common method for measuring the subjective elements of service quality. Through a survey, you ask your customers to rate the delivered service compared to their expectations.

Our research has shown that timely response to requests is a key driver for HR, IT, procurement, etc. Surprisingly, most companies do not have internal communication and service standards. See these two articles - more broad that your question but may be helpful. Employee frustration feedback
Internal service improvement with SLAs John Goodman,

Hi David,

I'll admit that I'm not an expert at the measurement side of things, but from my own experience, when looking at the internal operations, some of the metrics I've used in the past include:

  • Internal VOC/Employee Satisfaction (i.e., formal/informal surveys to user base around the services received)
  • Process Compliance (i.e., are they adhering to the processes defined, and how many/types of corrective/preventive actions and opportunities for improvement)
  • Cycle Times (i.e., at various touchpoint, what's the cycle time for that aspect of the process - both within the departments control and outside)

Hopefully this can at least prompt some other ideas. 😊

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