Online learning recommendation: Kyoto U's Culture of Services: Paradox of Customer Relations via EdX
David Davis
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I recently completed the course Culture of Services: Paradox of Customer Relations, offered by Kyoto University via the EdX platform. Designed and taught by Yutaka Yamauchi, the self-paced course entails about 3-4 hours of effort per week for eight weeks. While Yamauchi uses restaurant and retail environments for his examples, many of the concepts are transferable to other service areas. Yamauchi's treatment of ethnomethodology as a means for analyzing service is interesting. The course periodically waxes philosophical with discussions of service as an inter-subjective struggle, and the dialectic of hospitality. While these concepts may be lacking in universal practical application, they're interesting food for thought and may inspire some useful insights about service design. For about $50, learners can get access to all of the graded quizzes and can receive a certificate, that can be used when reporting training for recertification.
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