About my role as SQBOK Chair this year and your inputs
I assumed my role as SQBOK Chair at American Society for Quality back in 2015 when I was invited by ASQ to lead the initiative for enhancing and enlarging the Service Quality Body of Knowledge to meet the contemporary requirements of the industry and technology paradigm. Subsequent to the approval of my proposed business plan, I was able to get a splendid volunteer support of globally renowned Service Quality professionals both from academia and industry. After a consistent effort of few years, we were able to come up with the current framework under SQBOK V3.0 that I named Service Quality Wheel benefiting individuals and organizations while covering almost 29 industries. The volume is hosted at https://my.asq.org/communities/reviews/item/137/12/582 with my webinar on using it hosted at https://my.asq.org/communities/reviews/item/137/12/624.
During all this time, as Service Quality advocate, I was also able to contribute to ASQ’s peer group for managing and standardizing QBOK model across all the 26 member units of ASQ. Our Service Quality division/member unit has always been exemplary in terms of SQBOK reference and we have continued our active participation during the operationalization of QBOK model. At ASQ organizational level, more things are happening and some new initiatives are underway as part of the transformation journey that started about five years ago.
Now, when we have unified technological platform for all ASQ’s member units, and access to the content has been largely granted to all the ASQ members, there is a need for developing ways and mechanisms to keep the SQBOK content updated, visible and searchable in a continuous manner in order to pursue the ASQ and Service Quality Division’s vision to serve the needs of global quality professionals and organizations as Global Quality Leader. I receive queries about the Quality evolution in the era of Industry 4.0 and emerging model of Service Quality in Quality 4.0 paradigm.
The recent transformation of ASQ has also created some opportunities and challenges in the overall content management and development across all the member units. New guidelines, high level processes and procedures are being provided by ASQ Headquarters to facilitate the member units for better collaboration so that maximum potential could be harnessed. From the available opportunities of forums such as QBOK peer group, we still require raising influential voice for effective and efficient utilization of resources that could be measured, managed and improved statistically for monetization of the intellectual efforts and earn true maturity of collaboration.
This all makes part of the scope for our current year objectives and through this communication, I invite all of you to join me in this initiative by sending your remarks, comments, suggestions, proposals and advice to make all this happen. I’d urge you to avail this opportunity to contribute to the global cause for uplifting service quality and excellence. Subsequently, we may open up avenues to engage you upon the approval of leadership team.
I’m glad to share that this also supplements my resolution of the current year that I shared with all of you last month.
Zubair Anwar
Service Quality Body of Knowledge Chair (2015 – Present)