Interesting in earning some RUs? SQD has a volunteer role awaiting you!
The Service Quality Division is seeking volunteers to fill the roles of Event Coordinator and Content Development Coordinator.  Reply to this discussion if you are interested.  More details to come!
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For those of you looking for recertification units, this may be a great opportunity to get involved.  Did you know that you could earn the following, depending on your role:
Member leader in appointed position 1.5 RU per year/per committee
Member who performs ad hoc responsibilities 0.2 RU per event/activity, for total of 0.6 RU per year; 1.8 RUs is MAX for ad hoc service

For more information, check out ASQ's Recertification page.

And we're hoping to get job descriptions posted for these new roles shortly.  Stay tuned... 😁
David Davis
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Can you describe the positions a little? Thanks!
Hi David,

We are currently recruiting for two positions, an Event Coordinator and a Content Management Coordinator.  I've uploaded our job descriptions to our Resources page.  Have a look, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.