And now for something completely different....what you discovered on your last vacation!
What is the most surprising thing you discovered on your last vacation? Where did you go and what were your delighters! 
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Went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where I learned my boyfriend didn't know about the Lost Colony, had no idea that there were wild horses there and that he'd never been in warm Atlantic waters....that's what he gets for growing up in Boston!
Are you a fan of John Cleese and Monty Python?  They used the phrase, "and now for something completely different" between sketches on the show.
HAHA, you caught me!  Yes, I love the Python!  
I was recently in Cancun at a destination wedding for my nice.  We went snorkeling off the coast of Cozemel and discovered... hundreds (really close to 1000) jellyfish swimming around us.  Our guide said they would not sting us, but he was WRONG!  They were beautiful, translucent purple from quarter size to 4 inches across.  They float on the surface and you can't even see their little stingy tentacles!  Luckily pouring fresh water over them (no, no one had to pee on my legs!) took most of the bite away!