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With the new myASQ platform and the Transformation, are there major changes forthcoming for the Division?
Hi Lisa,  

Great question!  So many changes are forthcoming.  In a practical sense, the old website will be shut down and MyASQ will be taking it's place.  Let me address the MyASQ platform.  We are one of the first divisions to use MyASQ and we will be working our way to find the best way to use this new platform.  Please explore and let us know what you think!  We have posted a few resources including a great post on the Quality Cruise for professional development that we are planning for 2019!  Don't mind the extra pictures, this is one of the glitches we are working to understand and fix. 

One tip for navigating MyASQ is to note that there are two menu bars - the one at the very top is for the main MyASQ website.  The one under the ASQ banner will allow you to navigate the HD&L space! 

A few thoughts on the transformation there is a lot to unpack there.  I will point out one practical one, the Leadership positions are more flexible, in that we as a division can decide if we want to have a treasurer, membership chair, and secretary.  We at HD&L have found value in most of these roles, so we will probably keep them for 2019.

Stephane and Brooks, what else would you like to say about the transformation?  
Hi Lisa,

First, thanks for asking such a great question. I’ll provide some of my thoughts in addition to what Marilyn has already provided. 

As with many organizational transformational efforts, there are still many things in-progress and still some unknowns. Looking at what we’ve seen so far, I’d say that the following have been some of the more significant changes for the division so far:
  • Adoption of the myASQ community platform and retirement of the externally hosted website ( I discussed this in more detail in our Fall 2018 Newsletter).
  • Changes in the budgeting process for divisions beginning with the 2019 budgets which allows the division leadership to request funds to support furthering our member value such as developing a BOK on human development topics and piloting a mentoring program (which are both in our 2019 approved budget).
  • Pending implementation of myASQ Finance in 2019 which we hope will streamline expenditures such invoice payment and expense reimbursement.
Beyond these that we know of, I don’t want to speculate about what may or may not come to fruition as new policies and procedures for Technical Communities such as our division are still being drafted. What I can commit to is communication (through our myASQ community and our newsletter) about any major changes that significantly impact our division.