Qustion 2. What could the division provide that would be valuable to you that it is not providing now?
Marilyn Monda 1834
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We would also like to know what we could do differently that would increase your value from HD&L.   Hit the "Reply" button to message us!
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Brooks Carder 336
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I am making this post to make sure that it is even possible to respond to the question, since no one has as of yet
Shannon Bennett 1105
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The webinars are very well done.  It would be nice to have opportunities to interact with other members in real time - I know that's very difficult considering everyone is geographically dispersed, but with technology something might be possible.  I know that interaction is the intent of MyASQ, but to be perfectly blunt I don't know that I've ever experienced a system that is so disorganized and user un-friendly.  Perhaps making more use of LinkedIn or another existing platform would be worth exploring.
Stephanie Gaulding 267
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Hi Shannon,

I love this suggestion. We've tried LinkedIn and not been super successful there in creating that real-time interaction. What would you think about scheduling virtual meet-ups (we could use our meeting or webinar platform to host them or even something like google hangouts)? I'm not sure what other tools might be out there for this kind of interaction real-time virtual interaction. Any tools or platforms you've used?

While I can't promise to get all your concerns about the myASQ platform addressed, I am interested in learning more about your experience and what you find user un-friendly. Would you be willing to either send me a private message or chat via phone sometime? Maybe I can get some of your concerns in the queue to be addressed.

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I like the idea of curated virtual meet-ups. So much business today is conducted on-line through tools such as FreeConferenceCall.com, Zoom, etc. that folks are comfortable with the tech. For the camera shy, there is no need to show our faces; yet, we can still have robust discussions of the leadership and human development topics that are our passion.