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Amanda Foster
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Hello all! I am interested in contributions for our quarterly eNewsletter, The Human Element. The next issue is due out at the end of June, and you can help to make it better. There are several ways for you to get involved if you are interested.
  1. Suggest a topic or two you would like to see covered in our newsletter
  2. Start a discussion right here so we can brainstorm together on improvements to our division newsletter
  3. Tag a friend that you know has a great article or anecdote that needs to be published in our newsletter
  4. Write an article and submit it to me for consideration
I can't wait to see what we can do together!
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I'd love to see more on Mentoring & Coaching. 
I find in the age group 35-45 often are tremendous at their skills, but no one takes the time to help them get to the next level or if they're promoted, they don't bridge the skills gap.
Anyone else agree?
Be well-Deb
Hello Deborah, I would like to respond to your thoughts about mentoring.  As Sections and Section Leaders, we have a unique opportunity to mentor new members, younger members and each other.  We need to take the time to build opportunities for mentoring in our Section activities.  For example in our Region, we recognized that we need to build our skills in offering on-line activities.  We have put together a Webex playground for our Member Leaders to play with its functionality and to look for ways to make online events more interactive.  In this way they have a better notion of how to work with presenters to make this happen.  This is a form of peer mentoring where those with some experience in online teaching provide some input, but all engage in reverse mentoring. The experiment is quite fun and powerful. This type of playground (peer mentoring)  with non-risk experimentation could be something to extend to members in other areas of quality.   Just some thoughts.  
Ruth Stanley‍ I so agree with your input.
In my first Regional Webinar - we purposely set it up that we would pause for reaction and enable the moderator to bring in comments and interaction from the participants
It's not perfect, but we increase the opportunity to provide two way interaction on the topic to lift individuals in the moment and hopefully beyond.
I've floated an idea to continue these conversations in a Facebook live event after the event so that we could give live access to the speakers to further develop the skills of our mentees.
We've not implemented it yet, but would love to pilot it with someone in any region.
I find pushing out a body of  knowledge is helpful, but true learning comes from a human connection and pulling knowledge in response to mentee questions.
Thank you for the comments and engagement.
Be well-Deb

Hi Deb,

I am in agreement with you in regards to coaching and mentoring. It will be great to do something about it. 
Ana Liz Figueroa‍  Thank you for your additional comments and support.
Amanda Foster‍  - I believe next issue should have more on Mentoring - maybe a standing column?
Kiran Mann‍ - it seems there is a strong appetite for Mentoring; perhaps we can pull forward our pilot program in HD&L forward into an article and and advertise we're moving into a new phase. I believe you've already shared some information.
Stephanie Gaulding‍ -This is  a good time for HD&L as we have strong support for this work and there is a need from our community.

Be well-Deb
Hello Ladies

It would be great to co-create something on mentoring for the Newsletter.  


The next newsletter is due in June.
I'd be happy to connect
Ruth Stanley‍ if you want to collaborate on a topic.
Let's schedule some time - my scheduling tool is here to find 30-60 mintues.
Be well-Deb