Blog Post Connecting Quality and Leadership
Just over 4 years ago, there was an ASQ Blog Post promoting ASQ as a resource for leadership training and soft skills.  This idea was supported and encouraged.
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Thanks for sharing Daniel Zrymiak‍...I found the comments very interesting and in alignment with my own thoughts that there is a strong connection between quality and leadership. The leadership skills needed as a quality professional evolve as a person develops throughout their career....i.e. the leadership skills as a quality auditor, engineer or specialist are often different than a quality manger or a quality professional in senior management.

HI Dan,

I just read your post and I also see the same trend in our quality leadership; not having the knowledge to transfer information into the language of business.

I've been creating my own content to fill that gap in my consulting business, but have you found any good resources that support this gap in our community?

Great post and thank you!

ASQ does have an Emerging Quality Leaders Program (EQLP) ( that is targeted at mid-level quality leaders. If you're not familiar with the program, I'd check it out. It's a really good, year-long program. Several of our division members are presenting modules to this year's cohort. In fact, I presented a module on Coaching and Mentoring to this year's EQLP cohort back in June and we just finished recording the module for use with future cohorts (they'll watch the module then have a live Q&A opportunity with me).

There has been some initial discussion about ASQ adding additional leadership programs but nothing firm yet.

Thank you Stephanie for your very quick response.

The topic is top of mind as I see major gaps in pretty important influence / power / impact skills in our quality leaders. 

I'm familiar with the program and would be in interested in a detailed curriculum to know the following, but perhaps you can advise if included.

As I move through different companies and I see how quality leadership influences an organization, I see varying levels of business maturity.

For exampling taking a simple trend chart and being able to translate the impact or risk into money or customer impact

Another one I find challenging for leaders is to assess the power in a room, the alignments needed and sub agendas before going into a meeting to sell an idea for maximum success.

I find lower level meetings at the activity level remain data / activity based.

When I see them needed to perform at monthly checkpoints where information needs to be positioned to influence significant change, they simply lack the skills and require a lot of coaching.

Curious to know if the content covers those kinds of strategies.

Many thanks to share more about this fantastic program and perhaps the impact it is making on the careers of the alumni.

Be well-Deb

This is great discussion. The need has been long felt. I use thought energy concept to assess the total team synergy and modulate my approach accordingly. I'll be speaking on such a topic at WQC in Columbus in 2020.
Kamla Gupta‍  - This is great news and I think there is so much need for these skills in our workforce.

I'm honored to be part of a great HD&L community and I'm even more excited for your talk at the WQC in 2020.

I look forward to listening, learning and building these skills together.

Amanda Foster
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Stephanie Gaulding‍ I've been very interested in the EQLP, but honestly, it's out of reach for my budget. I am glad to hear that there are other ideas being tossed about at ASQ, because one might be just the right ft for me! Until then, I am very please to enrich my knowledge and professional experience with the free/inexpensive options available to me - of which there are so many! 

Right now I plan to go back and read Dan's blog that I somehow missed earlier!