Adam Grant's 20 New Leadership Books for 2020 (LinkedIn Post)
Hi Everyone, 

A friend of mine shared this over the weekend on LinkedIn and thought it might be worth sharing here:

Some of the books are coming out later this year and some were just recently published. I've got to get through a couple other books, but I may look into a few of these.

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Amanda Foster
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Thanks for sharing this. I love reading and am trying to be strategic about it as I find I have less time than I'd like for reading.
I know the feeling Amanda. I tend to do more of my "reading" by listening first. I use my Audible subscription so that I can listen in smaller chunks like when I'm driving or riding public transportation and especially on long road trips. If there something really intriguing, I'll go and read the actual book again or a section of it in either a paper or ebook form.