Mindset - how important is this to advancing your career and future leadership?
Dear Community,

I've recently broken through a Mindset barrier where my own limiting believes....Limited my full potential.

When we see ourselves or others not advancing our careers, do we go to a class, acquire a certificate and hope for advancement?

Or are their things we say to ourselves like "I'm not", " I don't have this", "I can't", "They won't"... as the words that come from our mind and in how we present ourselves.

I would love a conversation about mindset, because I absolutely believe it is that one thing that separates our good work from great work.

Please share your thoughts on this topic. I know I have a lot to say about it!😀

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Very important and Interesting  to discuss

My thoughts are as under

Mindset, according to me is a sum total of our beliefs that come with our experience – Good or bad experience.  But the problem is that even without experience (No good or no bad experience – Just  NO EXPERIENCE) we create some kind of thinking and that’s  the WORST mind set according to me and as you rightly said one needs to BREAK it.

For example, in one of the talk I attained, the speaker asked to the audience – How many of you can fly a helicopter. Each one of us gave the most obvious answer – We can not fly a helicopter. The immediate question the speaker asked was -  
  • How do you know that, 
  • Did you ever tried flying one and met an accident, 
  • Did you have an bad experience of failing to fly a helicopter. 
Actually none of us had ever tried to fly(learn to fly) an helicopter – meaning – we had NO EXPERIENCE of flying a helicopter which eventually developed a MINDSET that we cannot fly a helicopter.
Of course till today, I did not got an opportunity to learn to fly a helicopter, but now if someone ask me the same question again. I will not say that I cannot fly a helicopter. I will say that I do not have experienced it.
But imagine if somebody from the audience had actually BROKEN the mindset (somebody may have which I don’t know right now) and had joined the flying club, had got trained, the result would have been different.
So according to me if you had
  • GOOD EXPERIENCE  leading to mind set – It is GOOD  (Example – I tired doing yoga and hey I can do it – MINDSET : Yoga is easy for me) 
  • BAD EXPERIENCE leading to mind set  – It is GOOD (Example – I tried eating xyz and got allergy – MINDSET : Eating xyz gives me allergic reaction)
  • NO EXPERIENCE leading to mindset  - It is WORST – THIS NEEDS TO BE BROKEN    
Dear Sanjay,

I'm so excited for you to share your thoughts and story!

This is exactly what I see in early / mid career professionals and I have to say I had the same issue as well.

If I could add, I have a story about a mentee who talked about how others on a team had such power over the discussion.

And then I asked why do you think they have power?

Did you give them the power over you?

And in that moment, the mentee stopped, paused and thought about what I said.

They realized it was their mindset that gave someone power over them.

I'd love to hear more and from others reading this post.

Be well-Deb