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When things are going right in life, remember to shine the light on others

When a good friend & colleague said "Wow, I never thought of it that way....let me right that down... and thanks", shining the light on others to achieve their goals is truly our calling as a member of humanity. I share this with you not to toot my own horn, but to encourage all of you who read this to know that we should Shine bright but share it with others so we all can serve greater purpose.

So the rest of the story is about friendship, respect for experience & knowledge and professional networking between myself and long time friend I met at work, let's say Sue-Ann to protect the innocent! We've worked together, then had been several years of separation, connect again like it was yesterday and repeat over and over through the years. You all know the story of this kind of friendship, but in this story, timing is the twist and let me continue.

We were both on a journey separated by a few months where we have both arrived in our careers at a place to work for others or work for ourselves. We've reconnected to learn that there could be power in joining forces, but in the short term to support each other. Only two weeks ago when I needed her expertise, she was right there at the right time with exactly the right information. The irony was that only a few weeks later, she was at a cross roads and our conversation provided her valuable food for thought as she considering new and quite different career opportunities.

It was during this conversation where the self doubt, the "I've not" or "I'm not sure" of attempting something new, clouded her view on what was she truly capable of. As we spoke, I proposed that she consider what "She is" and "is capable of providing value" to replace the thoughts she had about her expertise. And to toot their horn about her, she's outstanding in her field with an amazing passion for elevating people during the process.

So the story is about a friendship I have with a colleague, but the message is more importantly for you.

When you see someone that comes from a mindset of what is NOT possible, I propose you ask them to pause and help them to see the infinite value they do bring and shine a light on their impact.

These are mentoring moments that we can do day in and day out to elevate our mindset and our influence in our craft.

How do you take mentoring into your daily life and live by the HD&L principles?

Deb Coviello

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Would love to hear your thoughts on our encounters with people and staying true to the HD&L pillars, we coach & mentor others both formally and informally.

Amanda Foster
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I have been the beneficiary of so many amazing mentors on my quality journey, including you Deborah Coviello‍. I have had so many people speak into my life, some directly, some unaware that they were guiding me personally. I hope someday to be able to repay the favors by passing along to the next generation of quality professionals.
Dear Amanda Foster‍ 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Mentors can be formal / informal  - like following the insights people put on these posts or platforms like linkedin.

The true magic happens when we connect face to face and share more about lessons learned so others can benefit.

Be well-Deb