QUESTION: How do you manage the balance of power when delivering your quality message?
Dear Community,

I'm curious what techniques you use when you present information used for decision making, but the balance of power is not equal in the room.

In some cases you have the people that don't want change and while the data points to a better outcome, people will stay in the mindset of why it wouldn't work or we've always done it that way.

In other cases, people take the opportunity to acknowledge the issue, but then bring in related topics that derail the conversation.

I've also seen a well defined problem statement and compelling data to make a decision, but then leaders deflect to take it off line.

All of these tactics are indicators of imbalance of power.

I'd love to start a discussion to learn your techniques to regain the power to influence and make decisions.

Who will be first to respond?!

Be well-Deb