Accepting Applications for New Mentoring Program
Did you hear? The HD&L Division launched its new Mentoring Program recently at WCQI 2019. If you want to develop leadership skills with the guidance and counsel of an experienced member, or if you are an experienced professional interested in sharing your proficiency and knowledge, we encourage you to get involved.  

Please review the attached Program Guide and submit an application online here

Have questions?  Email us at
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Amanda Foster
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This is exciting! I filled out my application yesterday after the webinar.
Fantastic Amanda!  Who else is interested in applying??
This is a great program.

I'm so excited to support it!

Who else is in?

I'm excited to be part of the pilot program and have been working with a mentee for 4 months.

The growth in the individual is amazing and I truly feel rewarded to have the opportunity to know them and see them grow.

For more information, please reach out to Lisa.

It's rewarding work and great to give back.


I'm so glad your experience has been so positive! We will be continuing with the mentoring program in 2020 so if people are interested, I would encourage them to read more about it: HD&L Mentoring Program Information

Dear Stephanie Gaulding‍ & Lisa Simpkins‍ 

I can't say enough about the mentoring program.

I believe it has provided significant value for the mentee and I as the mentor have learned a lot.

I look forward to sharing feedback for the first 3 months and hope to further strengthen the program for others who wish to really take their careers forward.

Be well,

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