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Khawla Al Shurafa
My ultimate goal in life is to waking everyday with purpose. I am a resourceful, results-driven business process ...
Welcome Khawla to the Community! Which side of UAE are you in? Come writing here and lets build a stronger community ...
Luminita Aldea
Luminita Aldea Jan '19
Thanks for sharing an insightful article.
Nancy Nouaimeh
Hello UAE Members! The LMC team is looking at increasing the frequency of the Knowldge Sharing Seminars. ​Please ...
Nancy Nouaimeh Apr '18
Hi Nancy, 
Thanks for the message. 
Topics of interests are: 
- RPA - Robotic Process Automation
- Lean Six ...
Hi Nancy,
Thanks for the thread.
Some of the topics of interests are:
- Organizational and business excellence
- ...
Sameer Choughule
Hi,  I'm Sameer Choughule and I work with one of the largest airport ground services providers in the world. It ...
Nancy Nouaimeh
To bring our members enriching topics during World Quality Day Celebrations on November 3rd, in Dubai; the LMC ...
Nancy Nouaimeh Sep '18
Nancy Nouaimeh
Be on the look up for more communication on ASQ MEA 2018 Awards: Team Innovation Award Quality Professionals Award ...
Nancy Nouaimeh Mar '18
Nancy Nouaimeh
"The Forum on Integrated Management System Best Practices" was organized jointly by Sharjah Chamber of Commerce &
Nancy Nouaimeh Sep '18
Nancy Nouaimeh
ASQ MEA Innovation Award is open for nominations! ​If you are a private or public entity, operating in UAE or any ...
Nancy Nouaimeh Apr '18
Luminita Aldea
https://sputniknews.com/amp/analysis/201901211071677504-nuclear-energy-global-future/ "The world's ...
Luminita Aldea Jan '19
Nancy Nouaimeh
It has been 50 years since the first ASQ certification. Moreover, since 1991, certification has been rated as one ...
Nancy Nouaimeh Jun '18

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