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Jaspal Gill
In a nutshell, the Kano model is used for gaining a thorough understanding of a customer's needs.

detail:  ...
    Ernesto Zepeda
    Hard to believe another new year, another new decade, is only a few days away!
    I would like to reach out to the ...
    Ernesto Zepeda Dec '19
    Hello ASQ GC San Fernando team,
    I am very happy to see that the section is bristling with energy and new faces on the ...
    Ernesto Zepeda
    Hello dear ASQ SFV fellows,

    This is our first discussion using myASQ SFV Section. I would like to have your feedback ...
    Ernesto Zepeda Aug '19
    Hi Ernesto
    This is a great start, thank you very much!  Will you be updating the Monthly Calendar Events on a regular ...

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