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Manuel Veloso
Join me and my webinar colleague Rosa Melton on a webinar for ASQ Saskatchewan on the topic of Lean in ...
Manuel Veloso Jun '21

@Manuel Veloso Sounds like a really useful webinar!

Paul Meixner
Change can indeed be a good thing, but I sure do miss the old Philly ASQ website. That was a go-to source of ...
Paul Meixner Nov '22

@Paul Meixner well, after 13 days, there have been 2 views and zero replies. I guess that kind of reinforces the ...

Linda Olds Linda Olds Nov '22

@Paul Meixner ASQ is working currently on a replacement for myASQ. Hopefully the new platform will be better.

@Linda Olds thanks! Have a great holiday weekend.

@Paul Meixner I appreciate your post. myASQ has everything our old website has, and more.

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Betsy Macht
All, We invite you to nominate an active member or self-nominate yourself if you are interested in filling one of ...
Betsy Macht Sep '22
Janet Lentz
Save the date! September 21st 2022 at 7:30 pm EST the Program Committee brings you a virtual event with ASQ Board ...
Janet Lentz Jan '22
Janet Lentz
Hello Philly ASQ Members, I’m looking forward to serving Philly ASQ as Program Chair for 2022. Here’s what’s in the ...
Janet Lentz Jan '22
Janet Lentz
November is World Quality Month, and many companies will be scheduling special events to highlight the ...
Janet Lentz Nov '21
Ray Lotfi
So sad we had to cancel our one-day Quality Conference that was scheduled with 12 plus one speaker due to ...
Ray Lotfi Oct '21