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Daniel Parmegiani
Hello everyone, I would like to know what is the formula used to find the value for MTBF? I applied the data obtained ...
Xiaowei Yue
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Quality Control & Reliability Engineering (QCRE) Division and ...
Xiaowei Yue Feb '23
Mohammadali Dastgheib
Hello Everyone, I don't get how the following values are calculated in this example: Can anyone explain it a bit ...

@Mohammadali Dastgheib
Here is the solution:


@Mohammadali Dastgheib
Just to clarify my question:

I am okay with R(t) values. It makes perfect sense.

I am okay ...

@Mohammadali Dastgheib

Hello Mohammad, I have attached an example for your question that I had ...

Tim Gaens Tim Gaens Oct '22

@Mohammadali Dastgheib

Background: see Kapur & Lamberson," Reliability in Engineering Design," Wiley, 1977

Engracio Fajardo
I'm taking the Risk Management Specialized Credential course and I'm just wondering if anyone can help me with ...
Edward Marchewka
Hello all! I have reached the phase in my Doctoral program where I can start collecting data. I am studying the ...
Seok Tong Lai
Hi, I am Reliability and Analysis Engineer from glass industry. I am seeking help on interpreting ISO 9022-12 ...
Seok Tong Lai Oct '21
Sheri Dorman
Please join the Inspection Division Virtual conference, September 30,2021. We are especially looking for ...
Sheri Dorman Aug '21
Frank Teniente
Hello, I was curious if anyone has any user feedback on any of the following software, or recommends any in ...
Frank Teniente Dec '20
Dan O'Leary
I’m working on project to set the shelf life of a medical vice. Previous studies have shown no failures, so I’ve ...
Dan O'Leary Oct '20
Arun Rajendran
Hi , I new to this community page. Please let me know how to access webinars?. I need to add  RU points for CRE ...
Arun Rajendran Jan '20

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